What Patients Say

Two years ago, I started to suffer from terrible back pain, and while I looked at several methods of alternative medicine, I had always avoided acupuncture because of my phobia for needles and the concept of having them all over my body. Thanks to Tina Yang, with her gentle technique and patience, I have overcome those fears and become an acupuncture fan, and I highly recommend it as an excellent form of therapy. After my first treatment, I felt fully rejuvenated. My back has never felt so relaxed, as if I had gone off to a vacation for two weeks where I did not suffer any stress. As time has progressed, the pain that I previously felt is starting to go away. In addition to acupuncture, Tina is well versed in dietary and physical health guidance. Her assistance has helped me to avoid some of my old bad habits and looked at preventative ways for me, so that I don’t end up in the same patterns that caused my ailments in the first place. Throughout these months, I have started to realize how important it is to properly take care of ourselves and to avoid the “popping pills” mentality, as most of the people in the Western culture tend to do. The combination of the healthy life-style with mixture of the Eastern and some of the Western Medicine can provide everyone with a healthy and happier life, compared to our “rushed through”, unbalanced, and sometimes unhealthy lives. I can only thank Tina and her instructors to pass onto her these great techniques and gifts that she shares with myself and her other patients.”

M.R., Long Beach, CA

“It is my pleasure to share my experience with acupuncture and Tina Yang. I am 40 years old and was blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl earlier this year. I attribute much of the miracle of our baby to the wonderful care that I received from Tina Yang. I began working with Tina after five years of infertility treatment and after working with three different acupuncturists. Tina provided treatment that was different than all others. In addition to the acupuncture treatment, Tina provided herbs and cleansing to prepare my body for the pregnancy. Tina truly takes an interest in her patients to provide the best personalized care. The acupuncture and treatment provided by Tina Yang coupled with our IVF treatment was the perfect combination to result in a positive pregnancy. We would not have our precious baby girl if it was not for Tina – thank you Tina for everything you have done for us!!”

— S.S., Costa Mesa, CA

“Tina Yang has been my acupuncturist for several years now. My husband and I were finally ready to start a family and were devastated to find that it wasn’t happening for us. After a year and a half of failed attempts, a friend recommended Tina to me. She had recently become pregnant and attributed it to receiving care from Tina. I was ready to try anything! I was pleased to meet such a thoughtful, caring, and intelligent practitioner. She listened to my symptoms, asked questions… I never feel rushed with Tina. She takes the time to understand her patients. It was in that first month of meeting Tina that I was officially diagnosed with infertility, with a second diagnosis of Grave’s Disease. This is an autoimmune disease that affects one’s immune system, thyroid, hormones, heartbeat, energy levels… the list goes on. Another side effect of both infertility and G.D. is high stress and depression. Tina had her work cut out for her!

I found that acupuncture eased the stress I was going through physically and mentally. Receiving acupuncture, combined with dietary changes and herbs, helped my hormones to balance out, brought my thyroid levels to a safe place so that pregnancy could be possible, and just made me feel a whole lot better. Even though I was feeling better, I still was not achieving my dream of becoming a mother. It had been almost two and half years of trying to conceive at this point and I was about ready to give up. Tina was convinced that it was only a matter of time. I was considering trying fertility treatments. Tina talked with me about the benefits of doing infertility treatments paired with acupuncture and herbs. In our second attempt with fertility treatments in conjunction with acupuncture, we found success!

I continued to see Tina throughout my pregnancy. I had a healthy pregnancy and delivery. My beautiful son is now 6 months old. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude toward Tina. It was with her guidance and treatments that our dream was fulfilled. If you are looking for an acupuncturist who is caring, compassionate and highly skilled, I would definitely recommend Tina Yang.”

— E. R., Irvine, CA

“I am a pharmacist and have been a patient of Dr. Tang’s for almost 2 years now. I came to her, desperate for help. I had been suffering from migraines for the past 10 years. During that time, I had seen every specialist available but no one helped. The intensity and frequency of my migraines had increased to a point where I was spending 3 to 4 days per week in bed, unable to function. When I woke up in the morning, I would already be counting the hours down until I could go return to bed, wondering how I was going to make it through the day with my head pounding so fiercely. My body felt very toxic to me, and the thought of living the rest of my life in such pain was overwhelming to me. At my first consultation with Dr. Tang, she spent 2 hours with me, talking about my medical history, therapies I had tried, what a normal day for me was like, what my diet normally consisted of, my sleep habits, etc. When I walked out of that office after our first meeting, I was so relieved. I felt like I was finally going to get some help! We started by running two tests: a blood test to screen for food sensitivites, and a saliva test to check hormonal imbalances. When the results came back, I found out my body was “reacting” to several different foods I was eating every single day: wheat, milk, cheese, eggs, and yeast specifically. With Dr. Tang’s help, we developed an eating plan to eliminate these foods from my diet. Within a week, I was noticing a change in not only my migraines, but my body overall. I was sleeping better, I had energy, and I didn’t have the aches and pains I normally had in my neck and shoulders. Within a few weeks of the dietary changes, my migraines were gone!!! I couldn’t believe it! It has been about 17 months now since I have made the dietary changes. I have lost 35 pounds, my skin and hair has a much healthier glow, and I feel great. Dr. Tang definitely changed my life, and I will be forever grateful to her. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

— T.S., Yorba Linda, CA

“I met with Dr. Suzanne Tang after suffering from severe stomachache, diarrhea attacks and heartburn for almost a year.Conventional medicine termed it “IBS” but could not explain to me – regardless of the invasive medical tests – what was going on with my stomach, nor could it help me heal. The medications I was given made me nauseous, dizzy and sleepy but did not cure the problems I was having with my stomach. Dr. Tang identified the specific problem with a comprehensive digestive analysis to look for enzyme deficiencies, overgrowth of bacteria and fungus, food intolerances, and intestinal permeability and treated my digestive problems using a combination of herbal medications, vitamin and mineral supplementation, acupuncture and specific dietary recommendations. I started feeling better within a few weeks, now 2 years later, I can honestly say that I am healed.”

S.R., Irvine, CA

“In January 2005, I had just completed my annual physical with my primary physician. The test results gave way to two areas of concern from my doctor. After discussing my options with him, he decided the best way to resolve the issue was to write a prescription for long-term medication. Preferring to avoid drugs and a dependency on them, I decided I would like to research other health options which I am glad I did. In March 2005, I had the honor and privilege to have an appointment with Dr. Suzanne Tang. As soon as I met Dr. Tang I could feel her compassion and desire to help me with my concerns. We spent about two hours discussing my life—past to present, my environment, and my eating habits from adolescence to adulthood. Her “bedside” manner and knowledge was extremely impressive. It has been two years since I first sought Dr. Tang’s treatments and my issues are under control without prescription drugs. As a result I am more informed about healthy foods, my environment, and my lifestyle. My wife started seeing Dr. Tang in July of 2006. She is having the same amazing experience and success with Dr. Tang as I have. Through Dr. Tang we have both been shown that other means to resolve medical issues exists besides the use of prescription drugs. Dr. Tang is extremely passionate about her profession. She is knowledgeable, caring, patient, and responsive to her patients. She allows each patient as much time as necessary to research and resolve his/her issues. Her continuing research into healthy mind-body connections offers her patients broader choices and greater health success.”

— T.R. & N.H-R., Hungtington Beach, CA